Exploitation golf course

The estate with golf course, hotel, restaurant, and various villas can be used as private property. Nevertheless we feel that purchasing this estate has a lot of business potential. The golf course and the hotel have had great revenue figures and occupation degrees over the past few years and renting out the villas can yield a substantial return.

Exploitation of the golf course

The golf course has 172 steady members at the moment. An active group composed of French, English, and Dutch people. Aside from that the green fees sell well to tourists or others who like to play golf for a day. The course profits of returning guests from England, Belgium, and The Netherlands who gladly come back and enjoy the sloping fairways and greens again. The golf course is totally complete and due to the renewed irrigation and watering computer system probably needs very low maintenance over the years to come.

Exploitation of the hotel and the restaurant

The hotel has enjoyed excellent occupation over the past few years. The always increasing demand for golf holidays will probably have contributed to this. The estate has all it takes to offer the travellers a marvellous holiday. There is a bar, restaurant, and an outdoor pool so the guests can enjoy the same facilities they would have at any other hotel. The conference room and the restaurant are ideal for organising events. The estate is also very popular with companies who want to organise a company party or another event. Many companies from the region make use of this opportunity at the moment. Sometimes the golf course is rented as well for these events. The hotel and restaurant will be sold for the amount of € 1.250.000

Exploitation of one or multiple villas

The domain currently houses four modern villas. There is also a construction permit of an additional 210 new villas on the terrain of the golf course. renting out one or more villas can yield a substantial return. As described earlier, golf holidays are becoming more and more popular and sojourning in a villa right on the golf course is of course a unique experience.


The management of the estate is currently ran by a French lady. Two full time employees are responsible for the maintenance of the golf course and the hotel and the restaurant are operated by a number of part time employees. Two chefs are contracted to ensure that an excellent daily menu is present, seven days per week.

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The estate with golf course, hotel, restaurant, and four modern villas is for sale as one property, though it is also possible to purchase only the course, the hotel or a villa. The entire estate has a size of 80 hectares and is for sale for € 4.900.000. Are you interested in the estate or in one of its components? Or would you like to learn more on the exploitation opportunities? Please contact us, we will gladly assist you in finding answers!

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