Golf course for sale

The golf course we present to you on this website, is situated in the French town of Saint-Junien, between Limoges and Angoulême. Two Dutch proprietors bought this golf course in 2001. In the past 14 years they have modernised and improved the golf course. The entire domain covers 80 acres and includes a 23 room hotel, a fully equipped restaurant which serves 100 people, and a conference room which can accommodate 30 persons. Aside from that there are four high-end villas which are for sale as well, which are located among the greens and fairways of the golf course.

Golfbaan te koop  Golfbaan te koop

18-hole golf course in excellent condition

The golf course consists of 18 holes and is in excellent condition. The course is totally irrigated and watered by a computer. The energy we use for this is generated by the solar panels which stand on the terrain. The staff commits itself every day to keep the golf course in perfect condition. You enjoy the fast greens and impressive fairways all year round and you will be amazed of the beautiful nature that surrounds the course.

Challenging for all levels

The course is challenging for all levels. Both beginning and experienced golfers will thoroughly enjoy this course. There are a couple of simple and a couple of challenging holes with difficult obstacles. For instance, there are ponds which make the course extra challenging. Of course Golf de Saint-Junien offers excellent exercise facilities as well and buggies are provided for the visitors.

te koop golfbaan  te koop golfbaan

An interesting investment

The golf course, the hotel with restaurant, and the villas are owned by two Private Limited Companies at the moment. It is possible to buy the domain as one unit, but all components are for sale individually as well. Business-wise, it is an interesting investment to purchase the golf course, the hotel and one or more of the villas. The golf course and the hotel have had excellent revenue records over the past years and can thus give you a good return. You can read more on the exploitation opportunities of this estate on the exploitation page. In case you have any questions on the golf course, we will gladly answer these for you. Please contact us. We would love to provide you with more information.

Before, golf was a port for the elite, nowadays everybody plays golf. That makes this golf course such an interesting investment.

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